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(Milwaukee, WI.) In an industry that perpetuates negativity, Cheedoe is an independent artist that understands the power of positive words and messaging. Cheedoe finds very melodic and upbeat production to merge with his brand of creativity. When you’re on your way to shaking up the industry, you have to know this business well. Cheedoe has […]

(South Side Pittsburgh, PA.) Beez Tarentino is a mother, and a damn good one! She spearheaded the legalization of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania for her children’s seizure conditions. Oh, and by the way, she’s a beast on the mic! Sex sells! For an industry female artists, over sexualized lyrics and behavior are embraced pathways to […]

(Thomasville, NC.) Royal Marks has been rocking stages since 2004. In the early days, close friends in attendance would show their support and calm his jitters. Whether with or without a performance track, Royal Marks makes sure he’s heard and felt by his audience. When he’s not gracing the stage he finds it very difficult […]

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February 1, 2022

(Silver Springs, MD.) PYRO is a dope producer with a *secret. An easy work flow, sounds and smooth functionality is what makes his weapon of choice the Native Instruments Maschine +. It’s the perfect tool for his productions. In today’s music, so many producers rely on technology to create. Technology requires electricity and without it, […]

(Point Breeze Pittsburgh, PA) Stevi B is a seasoned producer that knows where he’s going and knows when to rest. Working out in the gym and his insatiable quest for knowledge is how he stays forever creative with his music production. Stevi also finds his inspiration for music in the creative and consistent artists that […]

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February 1, 2022

(Hill District Pittsburgh, PA) Miss Money is a creative soul. Her music is literally birthed from an internal melody that she sings. Her beat is crafted around that vocal and then her lyrics flow comfortably within the mix. Working in person with a producer is a priority for Miss Money, her vibe damn near requires […]

(Manchester Pittsburgh, PA.) Ruger Rome will not stop working on showing his fan base something different in 2022! “I wanna show them that I’m versatile.” With his varying beats, styles and vibe, Rome is sure to show us all that he’s not a stereotypical rapper. The pandemic has impacted us all in many unforeseen ways, […]

(Larimer Pittsburgh, PA.) Worldwide Clyde is cooking up a new project called “New York Nights, Miami Beaches & Hollywood Hoes”. This new project includes production from Mike Tomlin (Tomlinese), Tex Loc and a new producer named Naeskii for a splash of flavor. Featured artists on his new body of work consist of Tomlinese, Scrooge Gotti […]
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December 13, 2021

The illustrious Tinna James, born Lytia Shanee’ Brock discovered her gifted voice at the tender age of two years old. The first audience to hear the anointed vocals of Tinna James is her family and  church congregation located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She knew that music was a profound part of her life so her parents […]

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