Jamal Muhammad also known as “DJ One Luv…” was born and raised in Pittsburgh (Steel City), PA., but has resided in Washington, D.C. area since 1994. He is a dedicated community activist, advocate for Black entrepreneurship, economic empowerment & independence, and major contributor to the cultural & creative arts in the Black community in the […]

DJ D Mixx A.K.A. Tony $tarkz (IRONMAN) Ìntroducing The Kingdom of Memphis, Egypt. (3050-2850 B.C.)1st Dynasty of Egypt. DJ on the wheelz of steel breakin new artist, spinnin the technics 1200s turntables, blazin the MPC 5000 Midi Music Production Studio& MPK 49 Program Controller & 10 Terrabytes of mp3~s (Music Database). Jan 4, 2009 The […]

Just a man that loves spinning records and hip-hop culture.

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