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January 7, 2023

(Braddock, PA) At age 31, Doob has been making and producing music for almost half his life; It’s simply what he does. As an independent artist, Doob is a seasoned veteran in the hip-hop community with a lot of studio experience. Doob has found that getting his music into the ears of potential fans can […]

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December 27, 2022

(Bronx, NY) Quantum333 is a quiet, down-to-earth person that is very observant. His story is set free throughout his music and in turn, is therapeutic for his mind, body and soul. Quantum333 wrote rap songs for three years before ever recording one. “For me it isn’t about the money, fame or recognition.” Quantum333 is realistic […]

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December 23, 2022

(Pittsburgh, PA) As a young artist, Hawk Junya’s motivations to create music were the stereotypical, money and popularity. Now, Hawk has the unconditional love of a parent to a child when it comes to his musical creations. “I love to watch it grow and mature to become its own thing.” Hawk Junya is a confident […]

(Chicago, IL) Honey Rosé’s message to her audience is simple, live while you’re young! Joy and happiness are a must in life, and that is mainly what Honey’s music is all about. Putting her fans’ minds at ease is a priority as she grows as an artist. Music has gotten Honey Rosé through some difficult […]

(Cleveland, OH) Zzz “Zeez” ignyta is an exceptional artist with a ton of presence. As an independent recording artist he creates and is often motivated by music with substance. “Lyrical, conscious rap, something with meaning.” Zzz hits the studio and goes in! With most of his work already done, Zzz ignyta attacks the mic and […]

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March 12, 2022

(Auburn, CA) Dynamic, lyrical, soulful and creative are some of the words that clearly describe Raza. He produces all of his music from start to finish. Raza understands what’s going on in the industry but is more inclined to offer his fans just a bit more lyrical content. When away from the mic, Raza enjoys […]

(Woodbridge, VA) Chris Meraki is not like other rappers. He separates himself in the details of his art. Experience and motivation are found throughout Chris’ songs. “I’ve got an originality that isn’t meant to sound like anyone else. Connecting deeply with fans is a priority for Chris. He truly appreciates fan support and wants to […]

(Atlanta, GA) At a very young age, Asante Farid discovered music and his love for it. He paid close attention to all of components that his favor songs were compromised of. At age 17 while attending college, Asante decided to become an artist. “I had a thing for music, but never took it seriously.” Asante […]

(Bellevue Pittsburgh, PA) Song by song, bar by bar, independent artist Fungi is spreading love in the best way he knows how. He’s been blessed with the gift of rhyme and he’s doing the most with it. Fungi says, “Nowadays especially, we could all use some more love and fun.”  Fungi is making music at […]

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February 15, 2022

(Braddock, PA) Franchise is confident, dedicated and patient, these are three qualities that a superior independent artist must have to make it. Being an independent artist is not an easy task and to be a great one like Franchise is laborious. As an ever growing student of his craft, Fran finds it to be important […]

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