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February 6, 2022

(McKeesport, PA) “My life would be very different.” This is how PK Poo feels when the idea of him not doing music was brought up. PK is a seasoned vet with too many projects and collaborations to name. As a vet, PK Poo understands the importance of the rapper and DJ relationship. Though some artists […]

(Butler, PA.) Rondo Envy is proud to be an independent artist. Building a career step by step is a process that the majority of independent artists are familiar with. It can be difficult at times but Rondo says the creative freedom is well worth it. Rondo Envy has also experienced the ups and downs of […]

(Saint Petersburg, FL) SW8IN “Swain” is on a mission in 2022. He understands the importance of doing features and entering new markets. He’s also well aware of not over doing it and the negative perception that an audience may have to it. SW8IN’s priorities are pursuing more fans, creating more visuals and accumulating more resources […]

(North Side Pittsburgh, PA) The Chizzler Man is relatively new to the game, having written and recorded his first song “True One” in 2020. A video was also shot for True One that year by videographer Star Named Mar. With millions of independent artists and songs circulating in the world today, The Chizzler Man has […]

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February 4, 2022

(Braamfontein Johannesburg, Gauteng) With his love for the old school and his diverse musical palette, South African Fuji Blck is well on his way to becoming a top notch artist. He uses this love to explore instrumentation and slang from other countries as well as find different topics to inspire his song writing. Fuji has […]

(Homewood Pittsburgh, PA.) From the age of 3 Kush Wilkes has wanted nothing more than to rap on the mic. Kush has always had a burning desire to share his perspective of the world and his feelings about everyday life to the people that surround him. Kush Wilkes is a personable guy, an Aquarius, likes […]

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February 4, 2022

(Hill District Pittsburgh, PA) P6 is passionate about his music! Wether it’s picking his beats or penning his lyrics, he has to feel it so that you will too. When he’s performing, all of his songs must be attention grabbers, nothing else will suffice. P6 is a tall man with a large presence. When he’s […]

(Butler, PA.) Eastside Cartier is not letting his location outside of a major city define his grind. “It all falls on the artist themselves on how difficult it may be for them. For myself though, I don’t think it’s difficult at all.” Eastside Cartier wants us all to feel his rawness and the area that […]

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February 4, 2022

(Hiram Clarke Houston TX.) When Shawno isn’t in the booth, he’s in the gym working out or networking with the right people. Big moves take a team, Shawno is well aware of this fact and is preparing himself for a successful career. “REAL” work creates hunger! When that hunger hits in the studio, Shawno got […]

(North Side Pittsburgh, PA.) Boom, clap. Boom clap. “This sounds like a Lil Wayne beat,” is how Sk8r Sleaz started forging and selling his beats. “As a producer, it’s important to stay in the loop.” The majority of today’s new independent artists want to emulate the “hot” artists of that moment that they admire. As […]

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