Yung YZ Zues

Written by on August 18, 2021

Ryan Clark , also known as , Yung YZ Zues was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and, grew up in both Washington DC and, Pittsburgh. He started making music at the age of 6 years old, along with his brother and sister, Robert Clark (Robby Swervin). His Mother, Robyn Wright is a classical trained pianist and, experienced performer and, His father, Brian Clark Sr., is an infamous known pianist in Pittsburgh and, can play any music by ear without sheet music. Him and his siblings began their journey in music as a writers/artists at the age of 9, 10 and, 11 years old by making “He’s a Lover” and “We Can Do It”. In September of 2017 Yung YZ Zues, Vegas Rich, Robby Swervin and, TrifelynBeats opened for Lil Wayne’s Wamofest at Stage AE , Then on July 18th , Yung YZ Zues performed at Stage AE again, for The Benefit of Life Concert For Jimmy Wopo with Mike Epps as the host. He has been at it since a kid and doesn’t look like he’s stopping anytime soon !!!!!! “Music Is Mood” Says Yung Zues, “I make music off of emotions and past experiences.” “I want everybody feeling the same way to know they’re not alone in this world and, that you can and will get past and overcome the obstacles as I did , more of a instruction manual.”

Contact: Phone (412) 583-8056

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