CyHi Talks Atlanta Police Not Identifying Any Suspects For Near-Death Attack

Written by on March 30, 2021

Back in February, CyHi shared a horrific tale of an alleged attempt on his life. A lengthy Instagram post laid out a frightening scenario where the Hip Hop lyricist was shot at while driving in his hometown of Atlanta.

CyHi also told his IG followers that the supposed perpetrators fired at his vehicle after it crashed into a tree. At the time, he expressed concern about not knowing why he was the target of the attack.

“To me, it could’ve been a couple of things. I feel like it could have been a mistaken identity because I do have a vehicle that a lot of other stars and emcees have that are here, artists that are here,” said the Barcode digital series creator.

He continued, “But also when I’m out of town and I’m doing my Wyoming thing, Sunday Service, and writing for other artists, I do have loved ones and friends who might be indulging in things that may not necessarily connect to me or I may necessarily not know about because I’m not in the loop like I was when I was a lot younger.”

It has been six weeks since CyHi first publicly addressed the violent incident. As of press time, local law enforcement investigators have not identified any suspects. CyHi spoke about the lack of progress in the case.

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